Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th-9th, 2014

Objective:   SWBAT............


  1. Notice the problem in a story and how the Character acts to solve it.
  2. Infer a character's feelings and motivations from what the character says and does.
  3. Understand the setting.
  4. Infer the big idea in a story

  1. Notice and use phrases to read for meaning
  2. Demonstrate all aspects of phrased, fluent, expressive reading
Word StudyRecognize and use short vowel sounds in the middle of words that include a consonant cluster. Notice unfamiliar words and use context and word parts to derive the meaning

Reread "Thunderstorms"....Introduce new text "Nothing But Trouble!"

Objective: SWBAT........ Identify combinations of three one digit numbers that make 10

Warm Up: What Makes 10?
Mini-Lesson: Skip Count by 10
Activity:  3 different colors, Eggcellent,  SWB Pg. 4-5
Debrief: Discuss student's reflect prompt

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