Friday, September 9, 2016

September 9th, 2016

Objective:  SWBAT............

  1. Infer the massage and the important ideas from the text
  2. Use evidence to support thinking
  3. Predict what characters will do based on traits revealed by the writer.
  4. Think critically about a character.
  5. Show awareness of cause and effect
  6. Recognize a character's decisions and the consequences
  1. Demonstrate awareness of the full range of punctuation.
Word Study
  1. Recognize and use short vowel sounds in the middle of words that include a consonant cluster. 
  2. Notice unfamiliar words and use context and word parts to derive the meaning
  3. Decode words with two or three syllables
Independent Writing: Two column Writing....Allie's needed to make some decisions to help solve some problems she faced in the story.  In the left column Identify the decision she made and in the right column describe how her decision solved the problem and whether you think it was the correct decision. 

Introduce new text "Eggs for Gram!"

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