Monday, December 18, 2017

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December 18th, 2017

Learning Intention: 
Students will read fluently and comprehend a folktale genre book

Success Criteria:

  1. Recognize a traditional tale and understand the genre.
  2. Infer character traits and motivations in a traditional tail.
  3. Predict what will happen next or what a character will do, and confirm or disconfirm predictions.
  4. Articulate key understandings related to a folktale.
  5. Understand the lesson learned in a story.
  1. Read with appropriate stress on words
Word Study
  1. recognize and use words with a long -u- sound pattern
  2. use the parts of a word to derive meaning of the word
  3. notice and use word parts to decode words
Close Reading
Independent Writing: Writing about The Hen and the Dove Identifying the significance of elements in the structure of a story.

Introduce new text "Hodja and the Robber!"

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